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For those of you inquiring about window tint MN for the first time, it’s about laying down a thin cover of film laminate onto your vehicle’s glass. The aim is to darken the glass. But people like yourself do this for many reasons. Some of these might include privacy or security. Others know the effects of UV rays on the interior surfaces (fading and cracking), while others show concern for the UVA rays and their reputation for causing skin cancer.

​Other common reasons include cutting back on the added interior heat caused by the sun and reduced glare. You could think of window tinting as a sun protection film for windows. Aesthetically, we think (and you might, too) tinted windows look very good on any vehicle and add a sleek and stylish look for your car.

Professional window tinting available from Saint Paul Window Tint is always the way to go for this type of addition to your vehicle. We know there are many DIYers out there, and we salute you for attempting to tackle this job yourself. As you might imagine, there are some issues you need to know upfront before you decide to try this on your own.

Because of years of experience with a large variety of vehicle types, professionals will do a better job and save you time, too. A pro makes the job look easy, but that’s because they have perfected their craft and will ensure a perfect, wrinkle-free job and a legal installation to boot.
The last thing you want to happen after all that work is a citation from the police for illegal tint. Let’s go into more detail about the benefits of sun window tinting.

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NOT just for your Cars

Lots of people don’t know you can treat the glass on your home, just like your vehicle. What’s more, you can have the same benefits as those for your car, too. Sun window tinting for your home windows provides a similar level of protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Another significant benefit is the reduction of heat entering your home, which has its own advantages.

Saint Paul window tint is popular because of the many benefits sun control window film provides. Just like your car, your house looks striking and gives it a unique look. When the Minnesota sun is high in the sky and blasting your home with the harmful rays from the sun, your sun control window film protects the interior furnishings in your home, such as carpet, furniture, and woodwork just inside the window.

Blocking the harmful UV radiation from the Minnesota sun requires using a good quality sun control window film capable of protecting from ultraviolet radiation.


Professional window tinting installers understand about getting the installation right because increased UV radiation protection requires a good installation from the start. Fortunately, window tinting St Paul MN locations are there to serve you and provide this needed service that helps protect and preserve your car’s upholstery, carpeting, and especially, the dashboard. These can fade dramatically over time from exposure to the Minnesota sun.

saint paul window tint
saint paul window tint

Aside from the UVA radiation blocking capabilities, sun protection film for windows also provides some security and safety benefits. If an accident causes glass breakage, the film helps minimize glass shattering and keep the glass in its place. Again, darkened windows help conceal interior contents inside your vehicle, adding to the safety factor.

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