The popularity of window tinting on cars, homes, and businesses is exploding. The reasons are many, but most among them is the protection it provides. Following close behind is the amazing transformation from just average looks to a stunning improvement in the appearance. 


automotive window tint

Our experienced window tint installers have years of experience and love what they do. They take great pride in their craft and understand that you expect a perfect, wrinkle-free job every time.
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ceramic window tint

We know our customers, and interest in our ceramic window tint has skyrocketed. Ceramic tint is the highest quality tint available, and we think it adds a powerfully attractive appearance to your vehicle, home, or business.
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commercial window tint

Do you remember driving past a business park packed with buildings, all with tinted windows? Those are examples of commercial window tinting. We have several options business owners can choose to fit their needs.
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residential window tint

Many of our customers tell us they’re happy and relieved they finally had us install new window tint on their exterior house windows. As with most home improvements, whole-house window tinting is quite the undertaking, but on those bright and sunny Minnesota days, the comfort it provides proves that it’s a wise investment.
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We would enjoy talking with you any time you have a question about the best way to protect your expensive investment, whether it’s about your vehicle, your home, or your business. Saint Paul Window Tint is here for you and will provide an affordable and wise solution to all your window tinting needs.

Remember to ask one of our customer service professionals for a complete review of our services. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the issues you would like addressed. We’re confident one of our solutions will satisfy your needs and improve your current situation.