how long does it take for the window tint to take dry

For How Long Should You Wait For A Window Tint To Dry?

It is vital to take note of the fact that window tint takes some time to install. However, the process of installing window tint is duly completed when the moisture trapped inside the tint film completely dries down. In most instances, window tint is installed when the weather is sunny to ensure that the tint dries smoothly. During sunny weather, it takes only two to three days for a window tint to dry, while it might take a number of weeks for the same tint to dry under cold weather. Like any other product that uses an adhesive, the adhesive used in the installation of window tint must be effective for creating a bond between the window glass and the tint film.

Once the adhesive is cured, your tinted window will take the appearance of a factory-tinted window. You can visibly notice changes in the appearance of the film as it continues curing. The film may appear well set initially. However, it is likely to become hazy or milky or forming an orange peel effect. The effect, as mentioned earlier, is normal and cannot harm the way in any way. However, as soon as the curing is complete, these malformations will entirely disappear.

Oftentimes, curing varies. It can range from 3 days to 30 days, depending on the weather, the amount of sunlight reaching the window, humidity, and other elements.







Back in the 80s, it was known that any bubbles trapped in substandard window tint film during installation could ruin the window for its entire lifetime. However, film bubbles that you may notice after installing the tint are most likely to result from moisture, which should vaporize within a short time, with the gradual curing of the tint. The length of time that the bubbles last in the tint may vary, depending on the climate. However, you should be patient for at least four days.


Many car owners are often stuck wondering how long they should wait to wash their cars after tinting their windows. It is worth noting that the window tint film is attached to the inner surface of the window. As such, your newly installed tint will not be at any danger of harm in the event that you drive through mud or dirt. However, washing the windows later may introduce an amount of moisture that would interfere with the process of drying. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners keep car wash at bay until the tint cures fully.


This may take quite a while. However, you can do anything within your reach to allow the tint film to set before you doing anything that could put it at threat. Sunlight in San Diego can help, and typically window tint takes shorter to cure during summer, which translates to a period of two to three days.

However, window tint taking longer to dry during winter and the rainy season should be expected, which may be as long as 30 days. However, these long curing periods are less likely to be experienced. However, should you experience a window tint that takes longer to cure, there are available alternatives that you could explore to accelerate the drying of the window tint. For instance, you can consider parking in direct sunlight on sunny days. However, if you find it convenient for you, you should park indoors on moist or rainy days and all through the night.