how to remove window tint

How To Remove Window Tint

One thing that most car owners don’t know is that window tint does not last forever. It may last you for a couple of years, but you will have to remove and change your tint at one time. How do you know if your tint requires removal? Well, regarding how to remove tint from your car windows, this is the right article to read. We will provide the significant signs to recognize if the tint requires change and methods used in removing tint from car windows. But first…


What causes the window tint to deteriorate?

The significant factors that cause the window tints to fade or become less effective are;


1. The quality of the tint and application

If you initially used low-quality tint, then the chances of it fading sooner are pretty high. Remember, there is quality and counterfeit tint sold in the market. Still, the quality of applying the tint by profession plays a significant role. Hence, it is always advisable that you work with experienced tinting companies.


2. Sunlight exposure

If you travel most of the time, probably during the hot seasons, then your car window tint may fade quicker. Also, packing your car in direct sunlight most of the time affect the durability of the tint.


3. Signs that your tint needs change

Two significant signs indicate the need to change the tint. The first sign is whereby the tint begins to turn purple. The next sign is where bubbling occurs on the car windows.


What causes the tint to change into purple?

When the metallic chemicals infused in the tint begins to weaken and break down, the tint loses its usual grey/ black color; thus, turning into purple.


What causes bubbling?

If the tint adhesive loosens up, then the bubbling in areas with no adhesive forms. This mainly occurs when the tint is exposed to high UV rays.


How to remove window tint

Removing tint from the windows is not an easy task, and that is why car owners are advised to hire professional tinting companies like Saint Paul Window Tint. The process requires special technical skills to make sure all tint is removed without damaging the car’s windows. There are three processes that these professions use which are;


Steam process

You can use regular steams like the fabric steamers.

The steps;

  • Fill the reservoir with hot and switch on the steamer.
  • Apply the steam all around the car windows without leaving any corner for a few minutes. Do this until you notice the tint coat melting down.
  • Then using your hands, peel off the tint coat slowly and steady. Do not force any tint to peel off, but instead, apply more steam until the glue or adhesive loosens up.
  • Once all the tint is off, clean your car to eliminate the remaining adhesive residuals.

Cleaning process

The tint removal involving the cleaning process requires you to use liquid cleaning detergent, newspaper (for covering) and easy off cleaner.

The steps:

  • Apply the liquid detergent all around the window using a soft sponge or damp cloth and then cover the window using the detergent
  • Then leave the newspaper covering the windows.
  • Once you notice the newspaper dry up, reapply more soap on top and repeat this to ensure the areas do not dry up. Note that this process should take around 1 1/2 hours.
  • Then remove the newspaper and peel the layer of tint using a sharp object like a razor or fingernails.
  • Ensure to peel the layer using long strokes for consistency
  • If you notice the tint is not coming off, repeat the process of applying the soap and covering it with newspaper until it loosens up for easy peeling
  • Lastly, apply the easy off to eliminate the remaining residuals.

Soak and scrap

This process requires you to use a sharp cutting object like a razor and cleaning soap.

The steps

  • Make a cut on the tint at the corner of the window
  • Then hold the end of the tint layer and peel it off
  • If it does not neatly peel off, apply your liquid soap all around and allow it to settle for approximately 30 minutes
  • Then scrape off the remaining layers using your razor blade
  • Once all tints are off, clean the windows using a soft clothe


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