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It’s Not Just Tint: Automotive Window Tinting Film Improves Safety and Helps Keep Your Focus on the

According to The U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 9,000 car accidents are caused each year by solar glare. Unfortunately, these numbers are substantially higher than other types of accidents, particularly those accidents that’s caused by snow, fog and rain combined. And, these solar glare accidents can happen at any time by driver’s across the United States.


With this being said, the question is, what is solar glare?


Solar glare can be described as the direct reflection of the sun rays. Normally, when a driver sees this type of glare, it’s a mirror-like reflection in their eyes that can be blinding. This mirror-like reflection is caused by the sun beaming down on one or more solar panels.

3M ™’s top Crystalline Series Combats Problems with Solar Glare

Now that you know what solar glare is, and the potential impact that it can have on all drivers, here are a few more things that you need to know about combating these problems proactively. Therefore, for those of you who are interested, you may want to consider installing one of today’s top automotive window tinting solutions. Specifically, the 3M ™’s top Crystalline Series automotive window tinting mn since it is designed for many different reasons, including reducing the dangerous solar glare that plagues drivers on the road.

How Does the 3M™’s Crystalline Series Work

As you begin your research on Automotive window tinting, you may be surprised to know how this series of window tints actually works. For instance, even though this series of window tint has a subtle clear film appearance, it has been designed specifically to reduce the solar glare that beams into a vehicle by as much as 77%. And, these reduction in solar glare percentages cannot be matched by even the darker window films that’s presently in this industry. Simply put, you do not have to install a dark window tint on your windshields to block out the dangerous sun’s solar glare.

You Can Choose Your Style and Comfort of automotive window tinting

There are other special features of this series of window tints that you may like as well. One of the most essential involves choosing the style and comfort that you like best. For instance, you may want to choose this series of automotive window tinting services for the following reasons.


  • Color stable film that has been designed to reduce solar glare by as much as 90%.
  • All variations of this series are also designed to reject 99% of UV light
  • Promotes safety without lacking tasteful appearances.
  • The Properties in this window tinting will not interfere with your satellite radio reception or GPS signals.
  • Visual light appearance is enhanced for excellence in overall aesthetics.


When you make your decision to buy and install this type of window tint, you should also know that this window tint film is offered at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you are trying to decide to buy the standard factory window tint that comes along with a new vehicle, you may want to think twice. For instance, if you do not want to pay for the added cost of a factor window tint, you may want to look again at the pricing of this series first instead of automatically opting for the standard window tint film. This professional automotive window tinting is also great for providing outstanding performance properties as well.

How to Contact Our Team

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