Privacy window film can change your perspective.

Nothing beats a large expanse of glass and a clear view on occasion. However, in some places, some privacy is required. Privacy window films can be used to add a decorative touch as well as a functional purpose in your home or office.


A room can be transformed with privacy window films. Window film is a solution for obscuring the view into a conference room, changing the appearance of a glass door or partition, or concealing what’s inside a cabinet with glass doors. Hide what you don’t want people to see – or simply give your space a more refined look.


Learn about the privacy window film options available from 3M, including the elegant look of frosted glass in a variety of patterns and the full coverage of mirrored privacy films and nighttime privacy films.

Options for the Privacy Window Film

Anywhere there is glass – glass walls, room partitions, conference rooms, storage areas, cabinet doors, pantries, or closets – you can change the look with frosted window films or privacy window films. There are many options available, ranging from a classic etched glass look to modern geometrics or stripes. Create the look you want while concealing what you don’t want people to see.


Consider the following interior window film options for added privacy:

  • White Matte Translucent Film – provides subtle privacy with a designer touch, resembling frosted glass while still allowing light to pass through.
  • Blackout Film – provides increased privacy with a bold appearance that obscures the view of unsightly areas and blocks light.
  • Mirror Film – 3M’s best one-way privacy film, with a reflective, mirror-like finish that can be combined with lighting to provide nearly complete privacy.

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