What to Avoid When Cleaning Car Windows 

Cleaning tinted car windows

A car is a huge investment. So, you will always want it to look at its best. Cleaning dirt and grime from your vehicle is always recommended. Besides making it look appealing, it ensures perfect visibility when you’re on the road. Clean windows also reduce the need for glass replacement or window tint. So, you can save on these expenses and enjoy riding in your car.

But, although cleaning car windows is a straightforward process, you need to keep in mind several things to ensure you get the most out of it. Here are some tips for cleaning car windows.

Clean Your Auto Windows Last

It’s common to spray waxes and apply other products once you have washed your car. However, if you use these products after washing your auto windows, you may end up with residue, forcing you to clean again. Save your time and energy by cleaning your windows last.

Clean When It’s Not Hot and Windy

When there is too much heat, your liquids will quickly evaporate, leaving you with unpleasant mineral deposits and marks on the windows. Plus, the wind will blow over some dust and other particles to your glass surface, scratching it. To avoid these problems, you need to clean when the weather is warm and calm. But since you can’t predict the weather, clean your car under a shade when its exterior is cool.

Avoid Dry Cleaning Your Car

Well, don’t get confused. We don’t mean that you use a dry cleaner on your car. That’s impossible. Dry cleaning in this context means wiping windows when your glasses are dry. This is strongly discouraged since it causes friction and allows particles to rub on the glass. Doing so increases the risks of abrasion.


It’s better to clean your windows when they have some moisture or lubrication. Also, it would be best if you used a microfiber cloth as it protects the glass from further damage.

Don’t Use Abrasive to Clean Your Window Sides

Abrasive materials like old rags, towels, and paper products usually have a rough surface. So, they may scratch your glass and window tints. Plus, they can transfer dust and dirt particles to your car windows. It is advisable to use a microfiber cloth, especially when cleaning tinted car windows. This cloth tends to have a soft surface and excellent absorbency.

Avoid Using Ammonia Based Cleaners

Ammonia is not recommended on auto windows. It leaves streaks on the car windows, making them less clear. And the last thing you want is to drive under an obstructed view. Additionally, ammonia can affect the adhesive layers of your window tint and rubber seals. With time, the tint starts to crack, peel off and even break down and the seals become dry. When looking for the best solutions for cleaning car windows, please opt for an ammonia-free product.

Clean the Wiper Blades

Even if your windows are perfectly cleaned, they won’t stay that way for long if your blades are dirty. They will introduce dirt and grime, forcing you to repeat the cleaning sooner than you’d planned. It’s wise to clean your wiper blades when cleaning your windows. You can use a cleaning solution to remove dust and dry them using a clean cloth.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the do’s and don’ts when cleaning auto windows will save you time and effort. Plus, you will have sparkling windows at the end of the day. We hope that our cleaning car windows tips were helpful. If you need help with window tint installation, contact Saint Paul Windows or check our website www.saintpaultint.com for a quote (651) 300-3373.