What Window Film for Business Should You Use?

You invest a lot of time, money, and effort into your location as a business owner. As a result, it’s probable that you’re constantly looking for methods to make your company better. Window film is one technique to enhance commercial environments! Window film comes with several features and advantages, including better security, UV protection, and heat rejection. It can be challenging to choose the best commercial window film for your area with so many brands on the market! Fortunately, our staff at Professional Window Tinting can collaborate with you to identify a window film that suits your company’s requirements.

Products for Window Film & Their Functions

Window Film for Sun Control: Greater Comfort & Energy Savings


  • rejection of heat.
  • glare mitigation.
  • increased comfort and energy efficiency.
  • UV security.

Windows invite in natural light and views of the outside, but they also expose your room to issues like hot spots, glare, and harmful UV radiation. While allowing natural light into your room, Sun Control Window Film addresses these problems. Your choice of film may be able to block up to 78% of the sun’s heat. Window film reduces energy costs by absorbing part of the heat from the sun’s rays and relieving pressure on HVAC systems. In order to save furnishings, floors, and inhabitants’ skin, it also rejects up to 99 percent of UV radiation. This movie can also reduce glare so that those inside can comfortably work. Our selection of 3M sun protection products includes:

  • Night Vision Window Film
  • Prestige Series Window Film

Enhancing Beauty & Privacy with Decorative Window Film


  • Boost privacy.
  • Keep the room naturally illuminated.
  • Boost aesthetics.

Architectural trends in the workplace tend to favor open floor plans and natural lighting. To accomplish this, many choose an office with lots of windows and glass conference room walls. While glass gives the impression of being open, it also reduces privacy. Furthermore, too much glass may look unnecessary.

Without obstructing natural light, decorative and privacy window film can provide privacy where it is needed. You can choose your level of privacy thanks to the decorative and privacy window film, which is offered in a wide variety of patterns, colors, textures, and opacity levels. This film can be utilized to improve the interior design of your area in addition to providing seclusion. If total secrecy is what you’re want, you might opt with frosted film. On the other hand, if you want to give your area a distinctive design aspect, you can use a patterned film. The choices are unlimited because there are so many different patterns! Solyx and 3M Fasara are two of the decorative window film lines we provide. Our selection of privacy-focused movies also includes Smart Film and Casper Cloaking technology.

Window Film for Safety & Security: Enhanced Protection for People & Property


  • Increased safety
  • Defense against bad weather and natural calamities
  • Deter burglaries

Your space’s windows are the most vulnerable area. Unexpected events can cause chaos in your space, including break-ins, bomb blasts, and bad weather. Not to mention the possibility of further hurt and damage if a window is smashed, which can send flying glass shards into your area. Using 3M Safety and Security Window Films, you can get your place ready for anything.

Windows are given an almost imperceptible layer of protection by 3M Safety and Security Window Film. This film keeps the glass in place in case a window breaks! As a result, it lessens the harm and injury brought on by flying glass shards. Additionally, it can prevent criminals from invading your space and give you more time to react in an emergency. 3M Impact Protection Adhesive (IPA) Attachment Systems can be combined with 3M Safety and Security Window Film to further boost security. To increase security, this attachment anchors to the window frame.

There is a window film solution for you whether your ultimate goal is to strengthen security, increase privacy, or improve energy efficiency! Contact our staff at Professional Window Tinting to find the best commercial window film for your location.

Please call us at (651) 300-3373 if you have any inquiries regarding the installation of your window film. Feel free to get in touch with Professional Window Tinting and ask for a free quote if you’re interested in having fresh window film installed! We also offer paint protection film installations and auto window tinting in addition to business and residential films.